JAYE  collaborative artist S90ies.

Jaye, Franco-Tunisian artist, born in Paris, discovered graffiti in 1991, leafing through « Spraycan art » which later became the bible of graffiti. Jaye is also one of the founders, with Manyak and Kube, from the W73 collective. In 1997, following the meeting with Fast, he also joined TVA (The Vandal Art).

He made his first solo exhibition in 1999 at the Triiad store in Paris. He paints regularly, and it is in 2003 that his work takes a new breath with the meeting of Nilko, who will become his Binomial for many years.

They are exhibited in many institutions and galleries including the National Center of Contemporary Art of Essonne, Camille Lambert with the solo exhibition « Melodie Urbaine », but also with Taxie Gallery in 2005. The duo painted and exhibited at the « Grand Palais » in 2006, in Paris for the event called RUE. In 2007, Jaye and Nilko won the Palais de Tokyo and collaborated with the Galerie Itinérance for the exhibition « Graphology » taking place in both places at the same time.

In 2009, Jaye and Nilko design the Flag Ship « Adidas Store Champs-Elysees », the store will be the model of all shops of the three-band brand worldwide for three years. That same year, for the first time the graffiti is exhibited in Tunisia, since they invest Gallery 14 and the Gallery Artyshow Marsa


Jaye’s work is a perpetual stylistic evolution, borrowed from a mix of influences and inspirations.

The artist draws the features of an exceptional visual expression. Street painting, graffiti and lettering, fresco or poster, for him, all the mediums are pretexts to invest the urban sphere and to offer his work in the eyes of the public. In 2011 a few weeks after the « Jasmine Revolution » [*] Jaye decides to paint one of the houses of the beautiful family of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Then in 2013 Jaye invited by the French Institute in New York, to paint on the walls of the emblematic 5 POINTZ under the project: Worlds Nomads Tunisia. Living in Tunisia since 2012 and having no aerosol bombs or adequate equipment on site, Jaye is looking for new forms of expression, so in January 2015, a meeting between him and Nono (Nouthayel Belkadhi) artist sculptor, gave birth to a new artistic approach for the graffiti artist. At the border of raw art, tag and graffiti, Jaye experiments iron sculpture thus opening his art to a new aesthetic.

In 2016 following the meeting of the legendary graffiti artist T.kid, he joined the New York Collective TNB (the nasty boys). In November of the same year the MuCem (Museum of the Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean) acquires for their collection, three works of Jaye (two sculptures and a series of posters) within the framework of the survey gathering on graffiti in the Mediterranean.


  Collective TVA / TNB / VMD / CP.5


NFT Project: NFT Collectible

Title: Hello FAT-CAP


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''Hello FAT-CAP''

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